Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Semester Survived

Two semesters of class work done, two to go.  Then I get to start my rotations.  We fell into a better groove this semester that we will continue next semester.  I am a morning person.  My brain doesn't operate at night.  So I get up at 4am each day and go to school and study until class starts at 9:00 or 10:00am.  Hubby drops the kids off at daycare on his way to work.  I get out of class at 4:00pm and pick up the girls and we go home and make dinner and spend the evening together.  I feel like I've found about as a good a balance between school and family as possible.   Now I just need a house elf to help me keep the house clean.  As it is, I struggle just to keep up with the laundry and dishes.

Right now school is out and I get to savor every moment with my family with minimal study stress in the back of my mind.  And to make things even better, I did all my Christmas shopping online this year and started shopping super early, so I am completely done with gifts wrapped and under the tree.

Today little Amelia and I are having a Mommy and Amelia day while Julia is in school.  I was going to take Amelia back in time for lunch, but my poor girl is not feeling well.  She is running a low-grade fever and skipped lunch in favor of a nap.  She's not been my normal happy, bubbly Amelia.  Hopefully she'll be feeling better by tomorrow so Julia and I can have our scheduled Mommy and Julia day.

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday as much as I am!  God bless.