Friday, August 26, 2011


The girls and I all had a week off school in July (and yes, I am just now posting this).  We had a blast.

Sunday - We read a book about honey.

Cover Image

Then we went to watch Winnie the Pooh.

When we got home we ate chicken nuggets dipped in honey.

Monday - we played on inflatables at our church and in the afternoon we made shoestring bead necklaces.  The necklaces were a huge hit.  We got the kit at Target for just over $5.

Tuesday - Bubble Day!  This was the girls' favorite day.  We read a great book from the library, "Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop". 

We made bubbles with dish soap, corn starch, and water in their little pool.  Then we used their hula hoop to make bubbles around them.  That was fun for about 1 minute.  Then they decided it would be more fun to play in the soap.  *warning to moms - this type of soap can be irritating to a little girl down south*  We got the ideas for these crafts from the book, The Ultimate Bubble Book:  Soapy Science Fun.

We followed up our outdoor play with their first bubble bath!

For lunch we boiled some water and looked at the bubbles to make macaroni and cheese.  We drank a bubbly beverage.  The girls even got to chew their first bubble gum!

We tried an art project where we put bubble solution in a baking pan, added some food coloring, and blew lots of bubbles through straws.  We then popped the bubbles with a piece of paper.  The theory was great, but it didn't work out.  I think it would work better with paint instead of food coloring.

Wednesday - We talked about the number 10.  We read My Ten Book and I Can Bowl.

We tried Wii bowling, but the girls don't quite get video games yet.

We made pudding and practiced drawing the number 10 in it.

We went bowling when Jonathan got home.  This was by far the highlight.  We used the bumpers, but the girls didn't care for the ramp.  Amelia was ready to call it quits by the end of the tenth frame, but I think Julia would have bowled all night if we had let her.  Julia was a natural knocking down 80-something pins.  Amelia had her own special technique that just barely got the ball down the lane, but won her the award for cuteness.  She carried her ball up to the line, put her right foot behind her left leg, and dropped the ball on to the lane.

Thursday - Water day.  The girls always love water day.  We read some more great books in the morning.

The Drop Goes Plop:  A First Look at the Water Cycle

Water Voices

Then we went to my parent's house and went swimming.

Friday - We visited a downtown anomaly called The Center of the Universe.  This is such a cool place because you can stand on a spot and talk and hear your voice echo even though there are no walls around you.

At first the girls just kept yelling "echo".  Eventually they started getting creative yelling Cinderella, rock, get the idea.

Hope you all had Summer's full of learning, laughing, and having fun together.