Monday, June 18, 2012

Six months and counting!

Finally a two week break after a 24-week L-O-N-G semester.  Just six months left until my big graduation day (December 7th)!  Things have been even more crazy since the last time I wrote in here.  We found a great neighborhood that is building and decided that we would like to build our forever house in the near future there.  Jonathan is still hoping for a boy someday (and currently has a little bit of baby fever), so we need room to grow our family some more.  So in the midst of my Internal Medicine rotation we cleaned up our house and put it on the market.  We have had a few showings and will have an open house this weekend.  Hoping to sell soon because keeping the house tidy in addition to everything else on our plates is going to set us all over the edge.

These next two weeks I have several things planned.  Unfortunately some of them still involve school.

1.  Revise my Capstone paper (kind of like a thesis)
2.  Pre-read for my Surgery rotation
3.  Read a Fiction book!
4.  Organize my bathroom
5.  Take the girls to see Brave (okay, I might be as excited as they are)
6.  Pamper myself with lotions and a DIY pedicure
7.  Take a swim in my mom's pool (with and without the girls)

I kicked off my vacation by taking the girls to their first dentist appointment.  They did wonderfully.  Julia is the leader today, so she went first.  She was a little scared, but our dental hygenist is awesome and calmed her down in no time.  After Amelia saw how much fun Julia had, she couldn't wait to take her turn.

In addition to daydreaming about our new house, Jonathan and I have been planning another trip to DisneyWorld.  We will be going right after I graduate and this time we are taking both sets of our parents.  The girls are now tall enough that they can ride some of the "big kid" rides like Soarin' and Star Tours.  The promise of these bigger rides has been really great for getting the kids to eat their "growing foods" (veggies) each night at dinner.  We will have a full kitchen in our hotel suite so we plan to save a little money by eating several of our meals in our hotel.  We did go ahead and make reservations for a few of our favorite restaurants (Chef Mickey's and Liberty Tree Tavern) and we are going to try 50's Prime Time Cafe for the first time.  My parents wanted to get reservations for Le Cellier, but despite calling as early as we could, there were no openings.  Apparently if you pay cash for your room, you can make earlier reservations, but DVC members don't get to do that.  Hopefully that's something that will change in the near future.

I look forward to catching up with some of your blogs over the next couple of weeks.  Hope you are all having a good summer.