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I worked really hard to become a Physician Assistant because I wanted a tangible way to show the world God's love.  I try to do this every night that I work in urgent care and hopefully I occasionally succeed.

When I think about disease processes, I am struck regularly with how much what we put into our bodies can affect our health and well-being.  When we put garbage in, our bodies rebel and we develop excess abdominal fat, heart disease, lung disease, dermatological conditions, gastrointestinal conditions, and/or hormone imbalances.

A friend shared Arbonne's clean eating challenge with my husband and I.  We followed their detox plan for one month.  We each lost a few pounds, but more importantly, we felt healthier.  Our digestive tracts were more efficient when we weren't ingesting genetically modified and processed junk.  Arbonne is a company that works hard to help people avoid toxins both in our foods and in our skin care products.  I have listened to several of their presentations with a healthy amount of skepticism and have found the material they discussed to be medically accurate.

After I found myself sharing these products with people around me regularly in an effort to help others live healthier, I decided to join the Arbonne family.  You can learn more by clicking the link below.

Please contact me, if you'd like to learn more about becoming a healthier you.

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