Friday, August 13, 2010

Facebook Friday

For anyone that didn't catch it last time I did this, Facebook Friday is a review of my Facebook statuses for the week.

Tuesday - Amelia informed me last night that she wants me to buy her a pillow pet - this was not following a commercial for said product.

Tuesday - Cleaning out the girls closet. One trash bag full of shoes to donate. One trash bag full of clothes to donate. Two bags of size 24 month and 2T clothes to lend to family and friends. Maybe I should open a consignment store.

Wednesday - Kitchen and bathroom are now clean. Moving on to the dreaded chore of hanging my clothes.

Wednesday - Tackling the office. Last room of the house to clean.

Thursday -  Still trying to sell our Graco DuoGlider (double stroller) with SnugRide car seat and two bases.

Thursday - The girls slept past 7:00! First time in a long time that has happened. Now I need to convince them that wearing clothes is a good idea, so I can take them to school.

Thursday - My kids pretend to take each other's noses and now heads. It's all fun and games until they won't give it back. Is it wrong that I just laugh while they scream, "My head, my head! Sissy take my head!"?

Thursday - The girls saying bye to their Aunt Autumn: Bye, Ottoman!

Friday -The girls slept until 7:30 today! I was able to remove the switch plates and hardware from the bathroom walls and start taping off so I can paint. Sleeping in is great while I'm not in school, but could become a problem next week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Update

Today is my first day since having my kids that I have the house to myself and no schoolwork to do.  I am looking forward to deep-cleaning my house!  I know crazy.  But it hasn't been cleaned properly since sometime before I started school.

Friday was my last day of Summer semester - and boy was it a rough one.  Going to school full-time has been a huge adjustment.  I knew it would be hard to put the girls in school full-time, but that I could handle it.  What I didn't anticipate was how little time I would get to spend with my husband and kids in the evenings.  My typical day went something like this:

6:00am - get myself dressed and ready for school
6:45am - girls wake up and get them ready for school
7:15am - drop the girls off at school
8:15 -5:00 - school
5:30pm - home to eat with the family
6:30pm - shut myself away to study
7:30pm - help hubby put the girls to bed
8:15pm - more studying
10:00pm - sleep

And despite all the time I spent focused on school, I still struggled to pass all my class.  I was an emotional wreck for probably the last month and dealt with overwhelming anxiety for the entire two months (by the week before finals, I had a perpetual eye twitch).  I regularly questioned why I was putting myself and my family through it all.  All my reasons for doing this seemed so unimportant when faced with the fact that I missed my family so much and I wasn't even excelling at what I was doing.  Then we had to go to the clinic one night and shadow an attending doctor.  I shadowed an amazing allergist.  She taught me so much including how to perform skin testing!  I was asked to look in ears and noses and read testing results.  I had such a great time.  And when I finally got my grades last week, I passed all my classes and I felt so good about what I had accomplished this past semester.  I took Biochemistry and Anatomy in 8 weeks in addition to two other classes and came out on the other side.  I survived the difficult transition into full-time school and being away from my family - and they survived it too!  I only have three more semesters of class work before I begin my rotations.  That's just one year.  I will graduate and go on to have a fulfilling career and teach my children that with hard work and perseverance one can overcome much.  But when coupled with prayer and being in God's will, one can do anything.