Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here We Go Again

So we spent all evening in a nasty after hours clinic so my girls could get diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth for the third time in their two years.  Not only that, but Julia was diagnosed with her third ear infection since Christmas.  What kind of Pediatric clinic doesn't put outlet covers on the outlets in their offices where they make you wait with your child(ren) who are bored out of their mind and trying to touch everything.  Those outlets just look like the perfect place to stick their saliva-drenched fingers.  Nightmare.

This was exactly what I didn't need.  Here's why.

Amelia is cutting her final teeth, Julia is cutting 17 and 18.  Thank God an end is in sight there.

Nobody is sleeping well at night.  Seriously, do they make a drug that helps you fall back asleep after your daughter wakes you up to find her pacifier in the middle of the night?  She's out in a few minutes.  Last night it took Jonathan and I two plus hours.

I am trying to get everything lined out for starting school in June.  That means finding a daycare, making appointments for a physical, an annual, a haircut.  I'll have to make an adjustment to my FAFSA.  Depending on my schedule, we may need to buy two carseats for Jonathan's car...

The girls' Super Sweet Second Birthday is right around the corner.  For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to make them dresses for the big day.  Why, why?!?!  Oh, I also need to buy them forks still.  Neglected to do that when I bought plates and napkins.  Then there is the food.  Sam's here we come.

Saturday is my last cake decorating class.

I know I said that online class was awesome.  Now that I've been in it for a little longer, I have to amend my opinion.  While the whole not having to arrange for someone to watch the girls is awesome, I failed to remember that I suck at testing on a computer.  I also lack the motivation required for studying for an online class.  Did I mention that my next test is next week?

I'm sure things could be significantly worse.  Like I could be reliving the first month of twin parenthood.  Still, I'm a little overwhelmed and stressed at the moment.  Even though I gave up Facebook and haven't updated this thing in quite some time, I still feel like I can't get anything done.  Deep breath.

Time to study.


  1. Oh, wow, I'm so sorry! Alex has had HFM two or three times (the third time I finally recognized the spots and didn't take him to the dr since they wouldn't give him anything). It certainly mimicked an ear infection in his case, though! Praying that the girls get well soon and that God stretches your time to allow you to accomplish - and study - everything. :) Online classes are tricky - I think they are nice in that they're flexible, but overall I do think they are "more work" than traditional classes - even though there is no commute.

  2. I'm sorry the girls are sick and life is stressful! I remember the days of waking up to find a pacifier, only to go back to bed and stare at the ceiling. No fun at all. I wish there was something more I could do, but since there's not, I'll definitely be praying. Good luck!

  3. Ah you poor thing, which after hours clinic did you take them to? There is a really nice one on 91st and Memorial
    . I forgot you were off Facebook and I msged you. Here is my email address if you could email your address, I can send you your prize :)