Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching Kids to be Secure

My kids have reached the age at which kids start being a little mean to one another.  They are pickier about who they play with on the playground and call each other silly names.  While it would be beautiful if the whole world followed the golden rule and everyone only used kind words and counted everyone as their friend on the playground, we all know that isn't reality.  So this morning I had a little talk with the girls that I hope they will remember.  We talked about who they are.  I asked them to describe themselves.  At first I got words like "a person" and "a girl".  But, then we started getting into more descriptive adjectives, like kind and smart and creative.  Then we talked about how no matter what other people say about them, it will never change who they are on the inside.  So we have two choices when people say unkind things about us.  We can either let them hurt us, or we can remember who we are and chose to ignore those unkind things.  I'm sure this is a conversation that will be repeated on many occassions.  Well worth it if I can raise kids who work hard to live up to positive adjectives and are able to easily dismiss the unkind ones that others will callously throw in their direction.

How are you teaching your kids to be secure?

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  1. Found you via M&M. Glad I did. Looks like your girls are around the same age as mine.

    Mine are also starting to choose certain friends over others. They prefer to play with one another rather than meeting new kids (at parks, for example). I have told them that it is fine to have favorite friends, but that it is not ok to exclude anyone.

    I know hurt feelings are a part of growing up, but it kills me that at barely 4, we might be entering the age of 'mean girls'!