Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Talk Already?!?!

Yes, I am that person.  I plan parties several months in advance.  I just get so darn excited.  I think this time it's going to pay off since I'll be knee-deep in school work in March.  I already booked the party place, bought the party supplies, and we've bought presents.  All we have left to worry about is food!  So here's a sneak peak at our Tangled party!

The Location
Tangled Table CoverTangled Lunch Napkins 16ctTangled Invitations 8ct
The Tablecovers, Napkins, and Invitations

The Plates, Cups, and Forks

For the paper lanterns I will make

Anyone have creative ideas for a cake?

The party went well.  Everything turned out beautifully.

A classmates wife made these adorable shirts.  Check her out at

The cake design was based on the back of their napkins.  The only close-up picture I have wants to be sideways.  Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this one.  It was store bought.


  1. I'll think about the cake, but let me just say, I'm really excited to see the lanterns. Maybe I can steal the idea for Halla's birthday.

    Obviously, I use our girls birth months to my advantage. =)

  2. I like to plan ahead. The theme is great and the place is so big.

    Can wait to see the lanterns.

  3. What FUN! :) You are sooooooo much better at planning ahead than me. I need to get started on Jaycen's Doljanchi (1st year party)... Alex will be 3- I'm thinking we'll keep it low key again and do something big for his 5th. We'll see..