Monday, January 10, 2011

Musing Induced Insomnia

The Mega Millions was up to $300-something million a few days ago.  We played.  When we play we also play the what-if-we-win game.  Jonathan's dream if we win is to start in indoor kicking arena.  A place where he could train people to kick (footballs) and people could practic kicking.  It would have a workout facility, offer camps, have a special week for underprivledged kids, etc.  Pretty awesome.

My dream keeps me awake at night thinking and planning.  My dream is more eaily attainable.  Someday I will see my dream become a reality.  I want to be a Bradley Method Instructor.  I want to educate women about all things childbirth related.  The closer I get to our women's health module in school (this semester!) the more excited I get.  If we won the lottery, I told Jonathan that we could buy a bigger house with a room dedicated to my Bradley Method courses.  It would have bookshelves for my library of pregnancy and beyond books, comfortable seating that's easy for pregnant women to get in and out of, a TV for our movies, and an ample amount of floor space.  I would use all my PA school education and the Bradley Method Training I would get and educate women about their own bodies, their developing babies, and how to make educated decisions about their childbirth experience.  Maybe I would even make and sell cute crafts for new babies, become a certified yoga instructor and teach prenatal yoga, and become a doula.  Three years after I took my Bradley Method class and I still feel just as passionate about it.  This dream is a keeper.

For more information about the Bradley Method
Facebook - The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

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  1. We play that game, and we don't even play the actual lottery! So you are a step closer to your dreams than we are ;)
    And of course, if you won and built your bradley/childbirth school, you would fly us March Mommies in at a discount, right???