Thursday, January 14, 2016

Comfort in the Darkness - Wrap Up

Spiritual Warfare
Genetic Predisposition

It hurts those that know it intimately as well as the people that love them.

Change in appetite
Change in sleep pattern
Loss of interest in things that used to be enjoyable
Withdrawing from people
Thoughts of hopelessness
Thoughts that it would be better if you were dead

If you know someone with any of the above signs of depression, please talk to them.  It can be very difficult to recognize that you are depressed when you are in it.  And often, there is no motivation to deal with it.

I never sought psychological or psychiatric help for my depression, but I was far closer to ending my life than you ever want yourself or your loved one to be.  I also suffered for longer than is necessary.  Studies show that there is a significantly faster recovery time when counseling and medication are combined.

As a Physician Assistant that recently left a busy primary care practice, I can tell you that depression is far more common than we like to think.  If you aren't personally affected by it, I can guarantee that you know someone that is.

Father God, You asked me to share my story and I have done so.  Now I pray that You use it to touch those that need it.  I pray that You show those in crisis that there is light in the darkness.  That if they ask, You will save them just like You save me over and over and over again.

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