Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My girls brought home a craft from church Monday.  Toilet paper tube binoculars.  Aren't they fun?

It looks like they just decorated two toilet paper roll tubes.  Not sure if it was finger paint or stamp pads, but you could be creative.  Stickers, glitter glue, whatever you have lying around.  Then they taped them together with what looks like painter's tape.  I'm sure you could use duct tape, packing tape, or masking tape too.  What a cheap and easy project and the girls love them!


  1. I'm sure they had a blast! What was the lesson on? Hunters last week was Jesus Helps the sick people funny thing was Hunter was just getting over being sick so he said Jesus helps me. I love it when they get it!

  2. Super cute!! I will have to make those with Benny and Willow!