Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unexpected Issues

When thinking through the perks of having twins I usually always thank my lucky stars that nobody has the "oldest child" syndrome.  If you are an oldest you know what I'm talking about.  That horrible jealousy that you have because you were suddenly pushed out of the center of Mommy and Daddy's world.  I also thought it was great because when the next kid comes around (not any time too soon), the girls will completely grasp the concept of sharing with each other (not that they will).  What I didn't expect to happen was the following scenario:

My mom was watching my niece, who is almost two years older than my girls, and she wanted to come over to play with her cousins.  All was going relatively well until Amelia pulled out her Magna-Doodle.  Julia was playing with another toy.  Halla wanted to play with a Magna-Doodle too, so I got Julia's out for her.  Amelia came unglued.

"NO!  Sissy's!  Sissy's!"

Then at the library today, the girls climbed the stairs in the children's section to the platform with the silly mirror.  When other kids would try to climb the stairs they both yelled, "NO!  GO AWAY!"

Apparently it's okay if Sister is up there, but other kids are not welcome.

Don't we have an awesome children's section?

I guess since I think of my girls more as individuals than twins, I failed to realize that they are the only members of an exclusive club.  Starting daycare in June might just be a good thing for them.


  1. Your girls have the best facial expressions!!

  2. That's hilarious...probably not so much for you right now...but maybe in a few years!

  3. oh, such is life of a twin mommy!!! its tough for sure michelle!

    my boys have their own team they seem to play for, they share with each other, but heaven forbid a playmate comes and trys to borrow a highchair or anything. sheesh

  4. ROFL! I understand... Alex doesn't share. I'm thinking his life is going to be pretty miserable in about 9 months...

  5. P.S. I LOVE that library! I miss living in South Tulsa - surprised I never saw you at a story time! We went for a few months when Alex was a year until we moved.

  6. At least they stick together :) I love that library. How whimsical and neat.

  7. I found your site on Multiples and More and I can relate to this story. One of my twin girls is more outgoing than the other and when her sister goes out and meets new friends she suddenly wants "sister" to herself. Stop by my site: http://cleverlychanging.com, or follow me on twitter: cleverlychangin.