Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick. What's a stronger word for frustrated?

I'm frustrated.  That's an understatement.

I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago for a physical.  I figured I hadn't been since I went off to college in '98 so maybe before going back to college I should go again.  I assumed I would need some immunizations for school so my doctor asked for my records to see what I would probably need.  His staff told him that my records had been destroyed.  He was pretty miffed since I was only 17 last time I had seen him.  He gave me the DTaP since we knew I needed that one and told me to check and see if my parents have copies of my immunization records.

The parents had some - but not my Hepatitis B records.  Doh.  I checked with my high school.  They destroy records after 2 years.  I checked with my college.  They destroy records 10 years after they receive them.

By this time, I've received the official paperwork I need to fill out and return to the school by May 1st.  I need to get a varicella titer (shows that I have the antibodies to fight off varicella, aka chicken pox) and TB test.  I call the office to schedule those.  I get there and the nurse says she can only do TB tests on Mondays and Wednesdays.  It's a Thursday.  So why did they schedule me for a Wednesday?  Frustration is mounting.  I go ahead and have the blood drawn for the varicella titer and make an appointment to come in Monday for my TB test.  Later that day I realize that I can probably just get a Hepatitis B titer also.  I call the office and ask to speak with the lab.  They have me leave a message and tell me they'll give me a call later.  No call.  I call the next day and they have me leave another message and they tell me they'll give me a call back.  Now it's Friday at 4:00pm and still no call back.  I call again.  This time the receptionist calls the nurse who gives some non-answer like, "I assume it was done."

Monday morning I go in for my TB test and am told that the lab was able to do both varicella and Hep B titers with my blood draw.  Yay!  So I go back today to get my TB test results (negative) and my titer results.  I'm told that my doctor pulled my labwork and is looking over it and they will call me when he's done with it so I still don't have proof of my Hep B vaccine or that I've had chicken pox.  I get home and tell my mom what's going on and she calls my dad to see if he has any additional information.  Dad and my doctor are good friends and because the office was giving me so much grief I had asked my dad to make sure the doctor knew what was going on.  Dad says that my Hep B titer came back negative and my doctor is checking to see if the lab work was done properly.

AHHHH!!!  I know I had the Hep B vaccine because in psychology class my senior year of high school we had to write in a journal.  I stumbled across that a few days ago and read through it.  In an entry dated April 10, 1998, I wrote that I had the last round of my Hepatitis B vaccine the previous day.  So either something was wrong with the vaccine, something was wrong with the titer, or my body doesn't build anitbodies to Hep B.  This can't be happening.

Meanwhile, I got an email last week stating that I need to get a white coat from a specific uniform store in town.  I email the shop and ask what information they need from me for this coat.  They tell me that they need me to verify my name as it will be embroidered on the coat and they need my size.  They also tell me that I am welcome to come in to the store to try on so I am sure to get the right size and gave me their store hours.

I went in Saturday and was told they were completely sold out and they should have a shipment come in Tuesday.  Great.  I decide that since it is close to my doctor's office, I will go in today.  Still no shipment.  She says it should come in today.

Did I mention that my doctor's office and the uniform shop are a good 20-30 minutes away from my house?  And that doing these things with two two-year olds is difficult to say the least.  Okay.  End rant.