Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Week in Facebook Statuses

Tuesday:  No nap for the girls again today. This resulted in a very frustrated momma and Julia full out crashing in the car at 7:00pm.

Thursday:  Lesson of the week: Make sure you keep a copy of all your immunization records because doctors offices and schools like to destroy them.

Friday:  Amelia threw a 5 minute tantrum because she DIDN'T want the pretzles I offered her for a snack. Seriously, kid, a simple "no thanks" will suffice.

Sunday:  My kids can finally say their own names. Woohoo!

Monday: My children have an abnormal affection for our minivan. They don't stop at just hugging it regularly, they also accompany it with an "Awww."


  1. Is really good when they said their names for the first time.

  2. My girls say "awwww" anytime they give us hugs.. I love it!