Friday, January 22, 2010

The Interview

Today was the big day.  My interview with OU's Physician Assistant program.  It was surprisingly informal, which was nice because my stomach was all tied up in knots with nerves.  I managed to smile at my fellow interviewees, but I couldn't manage small talk.  We were told how to apply for financial aid, given a brief tour, and allowed to ask all the questions we could think of.  After all this they called us out of the room individually for our interviews.  I went into a small room where I was interviewed by three people - two younger women and an older man.  The older man was awesome.  He led off the questions by asking me what went through my head when I was told I was having twins.  Haha.  It was a great question that helped me open up and be myself.  The next question was how I've prepared for becoming a PA besides my prerequisites.  I talked about my shadowing, told them I already had the girls on a waiting list for a daycare, and then talked a lot about my work with the underserved.  OU's program is based out of their school of community medicine.  They strive to help equalize the disparity in healthcare in our community.  I figure anyone can come in with a great GPA and lots of medical experience, but this could be the thing that sets me apart.  I talked about how I began by helping in a food pantry in elementary school and, then did my first inner-city mission trip to Houston, and finally told them a little about my time in Philadelphia.  Apparently there were 210 qualified applicants, 103 interviewees, and they can take 24 students.  I should find out if I am one of those 24 before the end of February.  The most awesome thing about the day was that I remembered how badly I want this.  When I'm away from the program, it's easy to lose focus.  Everytime I go to campus, I am reminded of why I am doing this though.  I really do want a career in which I can make this world a little better.  In which I can show people the dignity and respect that society as a whole so often denies them - helping them to heal in more ways than one.


  1. Yay for a great interview! I was thinking about you and almost sent you a text to ask how it went. Glad you find out soon, too! I'm sure you will get in! :)

  2. sounds like it went great! Excited for you! :)

  3. Oh Michelle! I t sound like you had a gret interview!