Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Beginnings

First post in a new blog seems a bit daunting.  A little about myself.  I went to college straight out of high school and like most kids had not a clue what I wanted to do.  After changing majors several times (8?) I ended up with a Bachelors of Business in Meetings and Destination Management with an emphasis in Meetings Management.  That's a fancy way of saying event planning.  Had a great internship with Dr Pepper/Seven Up during a hiring freeze.  Came home and looked for a job for three months right when a major company laid off most of their experienced meeting planners.  I wound up as the sales girl for a high-end flower shop.  Unfortunately this pays next to nothing, so a couple years later I took a job as an administrative assistant for my church, which paid slightly more than next to nothing.  Next thing you know I'm married and we decide to send me back to school so I can have a career in which I feel like I am better using all my gifts and can get paid a decent amount.  So I start prerequisites for a Physicians Assistant program.  Meanwhile the alarm on my biological clock is going crazy knowing that I am going to be in school so long and not wanting to wait to start having kids after I'm 30, so we decide to have one before I start my PA program and another after I'm done.  God had other plans.  In October of 2007 we went to my routine 20 week ultrasound and the tech says, "There's Baby A's head..."  Excuse me?!?!  He spent the rest of the time trying to convince us we really were having twins.  I'll most likely give more details of my pregnancy and childbirth experience in a later post.  Suffice it to say for now that I had two perfect baby girls in the Spring of 2008.  Although now I was faced with a new delimma.  When the plan was one baby, I was going to find a daycare and go back to work.  Now I had two babies and still very little income from my job and it just didn't make sense to go back to work.  Identity crises.  I suddenly felt like a daycare worker that never got to clock out.  Two years later, I have regained my sense of who I am, finished the prerequisites for my PA program and have regained a shred of my sanity.

I have had a Xanga blog for almost 7 years, but reading back on it, it's embarrassingly immature and serves more as a silly rant on the minutia of life with a few sparkling musings sprinkled in.  I would like to be a bit more focused in this one and a bit less autobiographical.  This is where I plan to share the antics of my children, my journey in higher education (...again), and my crafty creations.  I know, I know.  Still not all that focused.  This coupled with my poor writing skills (just ask all my high school English teachers) is why I will never be a professional writer.  Although I suppose I should have learned by now to never say never...


  1. Hey there - congrats on the new blog! YAY! It's great to hear your story. I can't believe you didn't find out til 20 weeks - what a SHOCK! I wasn't on wte regularly til December so I must have completely missed that. WOW! I knew it was a shock, but didn't realize it was so early. Anyway, great to see you here and hope to see you in person soon!

  2. Hi, Michelle, I will try to remember to add you to my blog roll