Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching Up

For those of you that have been following the story of my frustration with my doctor's office, I finally have resolution for you.  I went with the calling three times a day strategy until I got some answers.  It took three days before I finally got to talk to the nurse.  She said that all my results for all my lab work were good, except there was one that my doctor was unsure of and wanted to review with another doctor.  She told me that he said it was his fault he hadn't done anything on it yet and that he planned to do it before noon that day.  So I said, "Then theoretically I should get a phone call before the end of the day today?"  I'm told yet.  Good thing I didn't hold my breath.  So I resumed my three times a day calls until I finally received a phone call 13 days after my blood was drawn for my titers.  They thought my Hep B titer had come back negative.  Turns out they ran the wrong test on it.  And it apparently took them 13 DAYS to figure this out.  Fortunately the lab girl I spoke with was surprisingly helpful.  She told me they wouldn't charge for the test I didn't need done (gee, how sweet) and arranged for me to have it done at an office very near my house the same day.  I tried to get a babysitter for the girls, but it was short notice, so I braved the trip to the office with the girls.  My normally wild, all-over-the-place girls were angels.  I put on my bravest face and smiled through the whole thing and told the girls exactly what was happening.  Julia stuffed all her fingers in her mouth at once and cried the whole time my blood was being drawn.  I kept telling her it didn't hurt and that Mommy was okay, but she was very upset for me.  Amelia just stared and wasn't quite sure what to think.  When the phlebotomist wrapped my arm in guaze they were afraid that I had an owie.  "Just a little one," I told them.  "It will be all better by the time we get home."  The next day I was able to go pickup all my paperwork from my doctor's office, so I can finally get it to my school.

In more interesting news to all my Mommy readers out there, we have been working on potty training at our house.  The girls were telling me they needed to potty often - and by often I mean that I felt as though I was spending my day in the bathroom.  I wouldn't have minded if they actually did something up there aside from playing, but they weren't.  It was just an excuse to get Mommy's undivided attention.  In an effort to reward good potty behavior and curb "bad" potty behavior, I started giving two Reeses Pieces every time they actually did something on the potty.  This seems to be working.  Now we go diaperless most of the morning and part of the afternoon and both girls are really getting the hang of it.  Julia has even started asking to go when we are out in public!  This should add an unexpected twist to our Disney trip, but I think it's well-worth it.

Now for a laugh:  Julia is still really enjoying her "Little Bunny Poopoo" song and both girls have added motions to it.  They are really working hard at making bunny ears with their fingers.  I had no idea it was all that tricky until I watched them try to do it.

Lastly, pray for wisdom for us as we go through the process of accepting and declining student loans.  What a headache.


  1. Wow, what an update! Lots going on in your house. :o) Congrats on the progress with potty training. That is awesome! My mom swears M&Ms worked with all of us. :o) If Alex would ever "do" something ON the potty, he might get to figure that out! lol

  2. Potty training is a hard thing.