Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Sisters

My girls had a stomach bug last week.  Julia woke up at 12:45am Friday morning.  At 1:00 I had to change her sheets.  At one point I brought Amelia into our bed to sleep because she was so uncomfortable and just needed to cuddle.  I heard Julia get sick again and jumped out of bed.  When I tried to put Julia back in bed she wouldn't go to sleep because she didn't know where her sister was.  "Sissy.  Sissy," she kept crying out.  Meanwhile, Amelia had heard her sister crying and was on her way to help her.  I returned Amelia to her own bed so they could be together again.  Later, Amelia needed to go to the restroom to throw up.  Right after she got sick, she heard her sister crying in their room.  "Sissy, crying," she said as she ran in to check on her.  She gave her a little pat as her sister got sick in her bed.  Not a night I'd like to relive, but even in those terrible few hours, I was offered the fleeting opportunities to see just how much my girls love each other.  It's times like that I feel beyond blessed to have been given twins.

In unrelated news, if you really want a laugh, ask Julia about Little Bunny FooFoo and she'll tell you all about Little Bunny PooPoo.


  1. Twins have a special connection.

  2. I'm sorry your little one is sick, but that's such a sweet story. I know it must warm your heart, even in the middle of midnight yuckiness. Hoping everyone is better soon!

  3. Aw, sorry your girls were sick! I swear, middle of the night stomach illness is my least favorite way to spend an evening!!! All three of my girls were sick last weekend so I KNOW how it goes, and its rough!

    Very cute story though. Found you via Multiples and More!