Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loving The Word

Julia found my Bible in my purse the other day and was carrying it around like a prized possession (she's so smart).  Both girls received two Bibles (Gideon sized) as gifts when they were born, so I pulled them out and let them each have one.  Now they both carry them everywhere with them and ask me to read it to them.  Of course I oblige.  The part that really makes me laugh about the whole thing is that when Julia says Bible, she says it like she's from the deep South.  She also regularly looks for the pictures.  It goes something like this:

Where pictures go?
Where go?
No more pictures.
Pictures gone.

Now Momma needs to take a lesson from her girls and pick up her own Bible more often.


  1. That's too cute! Alex is also fascinated with my bible, after finding the little Gideon bible in the doctor's office. I need to get him one since it is so toddler-sized.

  2. Adorable girls!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Cute!!!! Cari loves her Bible too. And, of course, Daddy's and Mommy's big, heavy (it's heavy Bible"), tearable one. ;)