Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Update on my Frustrations

Let's see.  When I last left you with my angst, I had gone in for my lab results last Wednesday only to be told that the doctor was reviewing them and I would get a call when he was done.  Guess who never received a call?  Yup.  That's me.  So yesterday I called around 1:30.  I was told they would leave a message for the nurse and she would call me back.  No call.

Bear in mind that not only have I been asking for lab work from my blood draw on April 21st, but I also had lab work done April 7th that I still haven't heard anything on.  AND, I have told them repeatedly (as if they care) that this stuff is for paperwork that has to be turned in May 1st.  Guess who didn't get her paperwork turned in on time?  So not my style.

So I called this morning at 8:40.  "I'll leave a message for the nurse", says Candy the receptionist.  Thank you, Candy.  That's the same run-around garbage I've been told everytime I've called.  Of course I didn't say that.  I was polite.  It's not Candy's fault my doctor's nurse lacks follow-through.

I called again at 1:00.  This time I spoke with Cliff the receptionist.  "Hi, Cliff.  I called this morning to get my bloodwork results from April 7th and April 21st.  I've been told multiple times that I would get a call back and have yet to receive one.  I'd really like to know what's going on and at this point I feel like I have to pester you all to get any kind of answer.  Can you, please, tell me what's going on, Cliff?"  Cliff lets me know that the nurse is on lunch, but should be back in 15-20 minutes and he'll leave her a message to call me.  Thanks, Cliff, but your messages are apparently worthless because it's now 1:30 and the nurse still hasn't called me.

Do I need to call everyday three times a day to find out what's going on with my blood work?  Do I need to allow my two year-olds to run amuck in their office to get some answers?  What would you do if you were in my shoes?


  1. I'd definitely drag the kids in there and wait for them to talk to me in person. ;) I really hope they call you back soon!

  2. I would drag the kiddos in, too. How frustrating. Some doctor offices are better than others at responding. Fortunately, my OB's office is great to always call me back quickly! The pediatrician... usually by the end of the day but they have forgotten before. I'll bet if you show up with two toddlers (take them at naptime, mwahahaha) they'll do their best to get you out of their hair quickly! :o)

  3. take them--wait to get them. Ask for a copy. Your phone calls have done nothing